Nickent Goddess Ladies Cart Bag

Nickent Goddess Ladies Cart Bag The Nickent Goddess Ladies Cart Bag is a White/Cream colored golf bag that allows a woman the opportunity to golf like a girl. It is normally found as a packaged set of golf clubs and bag together, often the bag is free with the purchase of the club set.

The golf clubs of the Goddess set are designed to perform with precision and poised control for the female athlete. Shorter lengths, titanium and steel heads with graphite shafts and a complete three to six wood, seven club to sand wedge collection makes up the Goddess set.

The bag itself is loaded with personal pockets, a lightweight design and a shoulder strap for easy carry. The entire collection is found on eBay with the bag as an added bonus. Prices are competitive as this is usually an entire set purchase, though quality is certainly ensured.